One of the biggest and most cutting-edge vape brands with a Chinese base is Vaporesso. More than 300 patents in significant vaping technology and design are held by Vaporesso.

Vaporesso has created their own cutting-edge electronics for regulated mods with a research division made up of several hundred skilled engineers. This technology, referred to as the OMNI Board, can be found in everything from high-powered mods to pod systems.

Only the best materials, produced to the highest manufacturing standards, are used by Vaporesso. Accordingly, each product will leave one of the three manufacturing facilities as a dependable, high-quality vaping device that complies fully with all laws and regulations.

Vaporesso has established themselves as one of the most innovative manufacturers of electronic cigarettes and have produced some of the most popular kits on the market.

Why not grab a Vaporesso and start your vaping journey today!

Vaporesso Kits Range

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